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The only digital platform you need to develop and manage your collections designed with creativity, collaboration, and resource-efficiency as the main pillars

Core Features


Create & Connect

Visualise your designs, materials and your product development flow both in 2D and 3D. 


Connect and collaborate in real time, share all information effectively with internal and external teams.  One source of truth for all teams increasing accuracies.

Dynamic roles & permissions allowing different levels of access.


Track & Manage Product Status

Manage your collections and product information effectively.   Clear visibility of your products' status at every stage of development. 

Keep track of different versions of files during the development process, reducing costly mistakes and miscommunications

Simple and effective approval process.  Request, give feedback, approves, or rejects with a click of a button.

Flexible notification features allow full control of what notifications and where you receive them.


Manage Data & Digital Assets

Effective and efficient data management  with all data and digital assets stored in one place for everyone involved.


Take full control of all data and digital assets.

Assign attributes to easily manage, search and create customised reports.

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