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How Zmai Reduces Waste With Vestis Labs

Zmai is a hand-crafted luxury accessories brand, created by an award-winning designer, Neli Strukelj. Her collections are handcrafted star-shaped laser-cut pieces to achieve her signature 3D texture. As a designer who cares immensely about sustainability, she is exploring ways that could further reduce the problem of waste. She is also keen to explore other benefits of 3D development for her business.

By using VESTIS LABS’ services, Neli is able to visualize her design fully without creating many prototypes or samples before production. With the final render, Neli is able to showcase her design and adopt the on-demand business model, reducing the waste problem from over-stocking. Having a 3D asset also enables Neli to have a digital-only lookbook or campaign for marketing purposes. Neli is also able to iterate the designs with different colours and dimensions without prototyping them. The whole process has enabled Neli to reduce physical samples by 50% and total development costs by up to 20%.

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