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From Origin to Ownership, Full Circle

Embrace transparency, empower customer engagement, and step into circular economy

Vestis Labs' Digital ID is a cloud-based solution ensuring complete transparency by securely documenting each item's journey on a unique data carrier, from production to consumer and beyond. It integrates smoothly with Vestis Labs' collection management platform or can be adapted to work with brands' existing systems, enhancing current workflows to boost customer engagement and capture essential data throughout the product lifecycle. This empowers brands to adopt a circular business model.

Discover & Trace

Vestis Labs' unique Digital ID illuminates the full journey of each item, assigning a full product's story that details its origins, creators, and production conditions. 

  • Facilitates the tracing of an item's lifecycle for transparency.

  • Enables brands to manage their suppliers' sustainability credentials.

  • Builds trust throughout the supply chain.

  • Full control of access and data.

  • Prepares for the upcoming EU legislations.

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Engage & Bond

More than just a tool for transparency, Vestis Labs' Digital ID acts as a bridge connecting end-consumers with the products and the narratives behind them throughout their life-cycle.

  • Deepens the relationship between owners, creators, and brands by connecting product owners to their purchased products and be a part of the products' lifecycle journey.

  • Direct communication channels between brands and product consumers fostering brand loyalty. 

  • Increase engagement through various post-purchase initiatives and reward systems.


Vestis Labs' digital ID enhances the value and utility of each item.

  • Unlock post-sales opportunities, new experiences and product capabilities to better meet consumer needs. 

  • Facilitates a circular business model through easy access to end-of-life information and solutions such as repair, resale, and recycle.

  • Continuous data stream, capturing insights from production to long after sale, offering invaluable insights into product performance and customer preferences.

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One Digital ID, Endless Features

Secure Cloud-based Platform

Data Insights

Unique Digital ID

Full Integration

End-of-life Solutions

Automated Certification Management

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