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We envision the future of fashion ecosystem to be DIGITAL, SUSTAINABLE & TRANSPARENT.

OUR MISSION is to accelerate and democratise digital product creation for a more sustainable and efficient fashion industry. 


We provide tools and services that enables any fashion designer/brand to embark on digital product creation immediately.  


"I love the fashion industry - it embodies imagination, creativity, craftmanship, culture & identity, and business savviness.  However, having experienced the design, development and sampling process in the fashion industry, I have seen how wasteful and inefficient the process is.  Multiple physical samples are produced for range planning, selection and fitting purposes.  As a result, high material waste is created, high sampling costs incurred, and long development time.   In addition, inefficient data management and communication increases inefficiency and inaccuracy.  Time wasted scrolling emails for information, looking for the right versions at the right folders, and spent time researching why information was inconsistent.  We at VESTIS LABS have a mission to change this."

- Fonny Bunjamin, Founder & CEO

We live in a digital world, but we are still a long way from a fully digital value chain in the fashion industry.  This requires not only a change of tools, but also workflow and mindset.  

We are here to provide you with the tools and help you adapt to a digital design development process, without taking away the essence of your creativity, rather enhancing your imagination.  We help you focus on the work that matters, and increase sustainability and competitiveness in this challenging climate.

Let's get lean and digital together.


Where the Passion Begins



Founder & CEO

Fonny founded Vestis Labs to improve sustainability and efficiency in the fashion industry.  Having worked for multiple fashion brands for 15 years, she has personally experienced the waste problems and the pain points in the traditional workflow.  She has a mission to improve people's lives and businesses by leveraging technology.  



Chief Commercial Officer

Steve has delivered success through 15+ years executive leadership of various fashion brands.  He is a seasoned fashion, lifestyle, and technology retail leader who has created value, build responsible and sustainable businesses. 

Leo avatar.png


Fractional CTO & Tech Advisor

Leo is a tech expert with more than 10 years of experience as a software engineer in Silicon Valley.  With a passion for technology, he has successfully contributed his expertise to early-stage startups, integrating acquisitions, and scaling growth. 

Nico avatar_edited_edited.jpg


Lead Software Engineer

Nico is a tech enthusiast with 8 years of experience as a software developer.  He has a strong passion for sharing knowledge and building products that can make life easier.  

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