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How Can Digital Product Creation Benefit Upcycling in Fashion?

Digitally facilitating an upcycling project of turning vintage Gucci scarves into a chic oversized blouse.

VESTIS LABS had the wonderful opportunity to work on an upcycling project with Gemma Metheringham, an experienced fashion designer with a wealth of experience as a Design Director with famous brands in the UK. Gemma had three vintage Gucci scarves that she did not wear anymore. She had been debating selling them but the idea she really loved was to upcycle them into something new and fun.

Gemma re-connected with VESTIS LABS' Founder and decided to test out the digital fashion process for the first time. She was not only interested because it would help her bring to life what her vision was but also because it created a more sustainable fashion environment, limiting the waste from the sample stages.

VESTIS LABS created two prototypes for Gemma without her ever having to cut her beloved scarves. The first prototype was not what Gemma had envisioned in her head but it helped her focus her vision. VESTIS LABS created a second prototype for her and after minor adjustments, sent her a pattern and tech pack, limiting the waste of the scarves as well.

Gemma now has a shirt that she loves and fits perfectly, and here is what she has to say about digital sampling: “It’s a brilliant way to avoid excess sampling and will definitely be part of the future of fashion”. Read more about Gemma’s experience from her point at view on her blog here.



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