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Credit: Sanja Story's circular trousers

Join The Transparency Movement!

Be A Part of Our Digital ID Case Study!

In today's fashion landscape, where transparency is not just valued but increasingly demanded by customers and soon will be mandated by upcoming legislations, Vestis Labs presents a practical, user-friendly, and accessible solution to meet these challenges head-on.


Our Digital ID Solution is designed to simplify the journey towards greater supply chain transparency, enabling brands of all sizes to champion ethical practices and prepare for regulatory changes with confidence.  By integrating our solution into their design and development workflow, brands offer a new way of communication, story telling, and enhance consumer engagement, offering customers a deeper look into the lifecycle of their products, fostering a more interactive experience.


As we embark on creating a comprehensive case study to illustrate the real-world benefits of our solution, we invite fashion brands committed to transparency and sustainability to join us. This collaboration offers an opportunity to not only future-proof your brand against legislative pressures but also to meet the growing consumer demand for authenticity and ethical responsibility.


This is an opportunity to elevate your brand with innovative technology and to join a community dedicated to making the fashion industry more sustainable and customer-centric. Together, let’s set a new standard for the industry, ensuring that every piece of fashion carries a story of integrity, from its inception to the hands of the consumer and beyond, creating a circular business model.


Demonstrate the Value of Transparency

Highlight the importance of transparency along the supply chain, showcasing how it builds trust and supports ethical practices in the fashion industry.

Story Telling Through Digital ID

Utilise the digital ID as a narrative platform, allowing each garment to tell its unique story from conception to production, thereby enriching the consumer experience.

Enhance Customer Experience

Foster a post - purchase direct and interactive connection between the garment owner and the garment itself, making each piece more meaningful and personal to the consumer.

Gather Insights for Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage customer interaction data with digital IDs to uncover preferences and trends, empowering brands to tailor their designs, enhance sustainability, and remain relevant in a dynamic market.

Shape the Digital Product ID Concept

Use the findings from this case study to further develop Vestis Labs’ digital ID, ensuring it is not only practical but also robust in its application, enhancing its value proposition for the fashion industry.

Benefits for Participating Brands


Leadership in Transparency & Circularity

Prepare for upcoming regulations and position your brand at the forefront of transparency and circularity, championing ethical and sustainable fashion practices.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Leverage customer insights and interaction data to inform marketing strategies, product development, and sustainability initiatives, making decisions that are backed by real-world user engagement.


Enhanced Brand Equity

Elevate your brand's reputation by aligning with sustainability and innovation, enhancing customer trust and loyalty, and distinguishing your brand in a competitive marketplace.


Community of Forward-Thinking Brands

Join a network of innovative brands collectively driving the industry towards greater sustainability and digital transformation, sharing insights and best practices.


Influence on Digital ID Feature Development

Directly contribute to the evolution of Vestis Labs' digital ID feature, ensuring it meets your brand's specific needs and enhances your product offerings.

Exclusive Opportunity

Join our case study and enjoy the first 6 months completely free for up to 5 products. Continue to innovate and lead in sustainability with our special early bird rate of just €45/month (55% off regular price) for the following 12 months. This exclusive offer is designed to empower your brand to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology while managing costs effectively.

How to Participate?

To join this transformative movement and be part of the case study with Vestis Labs, here's a simple guide on how to get started:


Step 1: Reach Out
Initiate your journey by contacting us at [email protected] or by clicking here. Please use the subject line "Case Study 1" to ensure your inquiry is promptly addressed. This is your first step towards embracing transparency and innovation in your brand's operations.


Step 2: Assessment and Selection Process
Following your inquiry, Vestis Labs will conduct an assessment to better understand your brand’s needs and alignment with our case study objectives. This process includes a short interview to ensure a good fit and fruitful collaboration for both parties.


Step 3: Onboarding Session
Once selected, we’ll schedule an onboarding session tailored to your brand. In this session, we will start with understanding your bsuiness and needs.  Then we will walk you through our platform, ensuring you're comfortable and ready to utilize its full potential. We’ll also collaborate with you to strategize the content for both pre-sale and post-sale engagement, setting the stage for a successful integration and impactful results.


Joining this movement not only positions your brand as a pioneer in adopting digital transparency but also demonstrates your commitment to ethical practices and customer engagement. We're excited to guide you through every step of this journey, ensuring a seamless transition and minimum time required for you resulting in a fruitful collaboration.

Let’s Work Together

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