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Weaving craftsmanship with technology for efficiency, transparency, and resource-efficient from the first stitch to final story

Empower your business with Vestis Labs

VESTIS LABS is an accessible, collaborative, 360 digital ecosystem empowering small to medium-sized fashion brands to work more efficiently, enhance transparency, and promote resource-efficient practices.   We bridge the gap between craftsmanship and technology, evolving how you design, develop and manage your product's lifecycle.  Our aim is to enhance your existing processes and accelerate your commitment towards a more efficient, transparent and sustainable future.

“Working with Vestis Labs has been an incredibly smooth and efficient process.  We have saved an immense amount of time, energy, and money in our design development phase.”

Empath, USA

One platform to seamlessly build your digital ecosystem and unlock your product's transparency and sustainability

No more outdated and uncluttered data management and collaborate effectively with your teams and partners providing one source of truth increasing efficiency and accuracy.    Digitise your workflow leveraging 3D technologies to minimise costs, waste, and time while providing your customers with an immersive experience.  Integrate and map your product's journey for ultimate transparency.

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